Inside Porsche

Communicate the brand via Instagram using a community of like-minded pioneers who reflect the founder Ferry Porsche’s beliefs.


“For over 70 years since Porsche began they have consistently carried a clear and unique set of values, and a philosophy within the car industry that stands out to this day.”


“Just as Porsche makes cars for people who love driving, we will continue to make things that people believe in in the world of fashion.”  
Fashion Artist, Motofumi “POGGY” Kogi

“It doesn’t matter if no one understands. I continue to stick to it because it’s my theme, and I create it down to the smallest detail that no one will ever see. I think that’s what expression is all about.”
Sculptor, Taku Obata”


Porsche, one of the world’s leading car brands, maintain a clear ‘product image first’ communication strategy. Their message focuses on key product benefits; excellence in engineering, performance, technology and driving pleasure. While this approach is important to the car maker and has established a strong foundation for the Porsche business, it also lead to a rather conservative and traditional customer base. Our mission was to break into that customer base and expand the understanding of Porsche and further its reach.

K&C suggested a strategy to connect beyond product attributes by championing the brand values at the core of the Porsche concept. “Driven by Dreams” focuses on the car builder’s history, philosophy and mostly importantly the culture that Porsche has created over its seventy plus years. The strategy aimed to deepen brand affinity by connecting the contemporary luxury and engineering that consumers expect with culturally relevant partnerships.

Going beyond cars to expand into brand culture.

Based on this strategy, K&C developed “Inside Porsche” an idea tailored for a Japanese centric campaign. Partnering with a community of like-minded pioneers we set out to reflect the principles of the car maker’s founder, Ferry Porsche. Our collaboration with fashion arbiter Kogi “Poggy” Motofumi and B-Boy sculptor Obata Taku allowed us to present the brand philosophy through new prisms in art and design. K&C identified five core elements which reflect the brand character; Origin, Inspiration, Self belief, Expression and a Future re-imagined. Together these elements combine to create a better understand of the brand philosophy and Porsche’s way of thinking.

The results were activated through Instagram with messages targeted at both existing consumers and a newer, younger, audience. The resulting overlap in interest between these two groups establishes a connection between existing and emerging consumers.




Arts & Culture

Area of Work

Brand Communication

Project Team

Project Director:
Daisuke Nakamichi

Hugo Burel
Kenta Kuwahara

Art Direction
Lee Basford


Ryo Muramatsu (Shikaku Inc.)
Noriaki Kaneda (WK PR)

Shinji Yagi (Shikaku Inc.)