USA Comms and Marketing: Balmuda

Yearly holistic marketing strategy (Localisation and management of website, social media, advertisement assets, PR and media management)

Managing all marketing and communication activities for the USA market, including social media, press, events, influencers, and paid digital media.


From 2019, instrumental in the success of Balmuda in the USA, from the initial strategy and launch to maintaining the eCommerce website and building the brand’s iconic status.


With its own perspective on technology, design and product experiences BALMUDA has became a cult brand in Japan and Asia. As a newcomer in the US market, it is key to introduce not only the the superior design and technology of the products themselves, but also the unique personality and story of the brand.

K&C are facilitating and directly involved in the all marketing and communication activities for the USA market. This involves all the target customer touchpoints like Social Media, Owned media, Press activities, events, influencer marketing and management, Paid digital media, and campaign ideation and realization. We work along side the Balmuda marketing team, helping them plan for business growth, and working on resolving any problems and issues that may come up. We have been instrumental since the launch of the products sales back in 2020, developing the initial strategy and communication. We also are responsible for maintaining the frontend of the eCommerce website and constantly work on optimizing and developing it with the scope of building the brand equity as well as revenue growth.

The Balmuda products now have an iconic status and positioning in the USA, having positioned themselves as preeminent products in every category they are present.




Consumer Electronics

Area of Work

Brand Communication, Ongoing Campaigns

Project Team

Project Director: Daisuke Nakamichi,
Strategy: Hugo Burel, Kimm Kroll, Joshua McDowell, Kenta Kuwahara
Direction: Masaya Kihara
Art Direction: Lee Basford
Account Management: Kyoko Adachi, JJ Hoo, Fumi Endo, Akihiro Mochizuki, Juri Tabata, Kanae Masuda
Digital: Takuya Matsumoto


Production (US): Field Theory Pictures
Production (Japan): Akihiro Mochizuki, Saka Matsushita
Director: Chris Flanagen
DP: Tyson Wisbrock
Photography: Zach Lewis, Shinji Yagi, Jon Humphries, Lauren Hanussak, Naoko Maeda
Partners: Krupa, Fohr, transcosmos